Home Sweet Home… Or Is It? A Peak Into Our New Fixer Upper!

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September 9, 2016 1 Comments

OMG you guys! It’s been F O R E V E R since I last posted! Did you miss me?! I missed you! It has been a good summer, so sad to think that the pumpkin spice UGG boot season is upon us already… but, I think the last time we spoke I was telling/showing you all about our first “flip” (you can read all about that HERE) and since then we have “moved” into our newest fixer upper! And, by moved in, I mean more than half of our worldly possessions are still hanging out in a storage unit down the street, and we’re basically GLAMping (like camping but not). Sometimes I go and visit the furniture, though… so that’s nice…

Besides the basics, i.e, the tools, the dogs, our bed and TV, we are living in a construction site! Welcome to the life of an actual do-it-yourselfer! Oh, we also have a makeshift kitchen! (we eat out A LOT).

Since it’s been a couple of months since I’ve posted,  I’m going to just fill you in on a few things have learned over the first month of our renovation… I continue to learn something new everyday. Who knew a hundred year old house could be so educational?


  • If someone says they’ll do it for half what the other guys will, probably not a good idea.
  • A drop ceiling on top of another ceiling, might be hiding a surprise (not a good one)
  • A family of raccoons may have lived here prior to us.
  • Ceiling joists are actually floor joists…
  • Continually running a sander over a mysterious stain does not make it go away.
  • Running an AC unit and blowdrying your hair at the same time, may pose a problem.
  • Lightweight concrete is not “lightweight”.
  • Staples/nails and floor sanders make for a lovely firework display…
  • If you think you’ve patched all the cracks, you haven’t.
  • Even professionals sometimes aren’t professional…
  • Plaster and lath is amazing but, there isn’t a square wall in the house.
  • New windows make a HUGE difference.
  • If it looks like a spiderweb it probably is…
  • Check your local zoning codes before cementing 30 posts into the ground…
  • Whatever timeframe you had in your mind, it’s going to take longer…
  • We have a ghost


Without further adieu…

SIDEBAR: This house sat vacant for almost a year, and before that was referred to by the neighbors as “The Greatful Dead House”

Fixer upper before photos, 1920's colonial

Most of these photos are the original list pictures taken by the realtor…

Remember these are all BEFORE… 

Fixer upper before photos, 1920's colonial


Fixer upper before photos, 1920's colonial

The day the tree people/monkeys came!

Fixer upper before photos, 1920's colonial

Bye! Bye! Trees!

Fixer upper before photos, 1920's colonial

Fixer upper before photos, 1920's colonial

Seriously a table in the fireplace…

Fixer upper before photos, 1920's colonial Fixer upper before photos, 1920's colonial

Is that a sunroom??!

Fixer upper before photos, 1920's colonial

Fixer upper before photos, 1920's colonial

Onto the kitchen and dining room!

Fixer upper before photos, 1920's colonial

I loved the 2 toned look on the floors! Or is that 3?

Fixer upper before photos, 1920's colonial

For the cherry on top…

Fixer upper before photos, 1920's colonial

Literally it’s “That 70’s Show” complete with 70’s cleaning supplies still inside the cabinets!

Last one! (I’ll save the bedrooms and attic for another day!)

Fixer upper before photos, 1920's colonial

TBH… this looks WAYYY “nicer” in the picture than in reality…

So! What do you think? I’m I crazy? Don’t answer that… we all know I am! CRAZY in love with this house! Over the course of the next few months I will continue to bless you with all of the madness that is living through a renovation… before and afters, a few DIY’s, trials and tribulations… you know the drill! So stay tuned, because blogging Shawn is back, and I have A LOT going on!

PS- If you haven’t heard, I have a freshly organized company called… wait for it… SLC Design! I do everything from paint colors to complete renovation/remodel! It can be anything in between!

 So if you know anyone, or you are someone who wants to revamp your space, give me a call or check me out on Houzz!

Until next week! I’ll leave you with a recently finished space!


SLC Design

pink office, gallery wall, pink walls, black and white, black and gold, dusty pink, gold accents, faux fur, hot pink room, tufted couch, pink chair

Old Hollywood glam meets traditional elements in this one of a kind dusty pink home office! The client’s dream come true! Let’s do your room! Check out the rest of the office on Houzz. SLC DESIGN


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